Perfect Fit Harness - The Benefits

When walking on PF harness, most dogs seem to have a change in their body language - they seem to walk more comfortably, calmly, more confidentially as there is no pressure around their head, neck and throat from a collar. They ‘seem’ to be walking ‘off lead’.


Unique UK modular design

This design of harness will fit almost any size and shape of dog. The modular design ensures a secure and snug fit. Each piece can be purchased individually to accommodate the dog’s growth or replace a piece that has been damaged. 

Designed with the escapologist in mind.

If a harness is placed over a dog’s head, then the ‘head hole’ must be bigger than the dog’s skull and so the dog could back out of the harness.
When using the Perfect Fit, the top and front pieces are clipped around the dog’s neck. A correct fitting (being able to insert a couple of fingers between the webbing and the dog’s body) ensures that these cannot be drawn over the dog’s skull. This was how the Perfect Fit was designed to be used. 

It is fleece lined to protect a dog’s skin from plastic clips; also the width of the fleece helps to spread pressure over a larger area rather than just the width of webbing as with many other designs


Fully machine washable, but don’t tumble dry


Changed to stainless steel rings to prevent rusting particularly from sea water


Break a clip and only replace one piece of the harness and not the whole harness


As the dog grows, there are 5 areas of adjustment to accommodate this growth. As these adjusters reach the end of their extension, new individual larger pieces can be purchased


For top pieces, there is a range of coloured fleece and coloured webbing (see website); the front and girth pieces are only available in black


UK design and manufacture with all labour and materials sourced from within the UK


We encourage small independent outlets (dog training clubs, dog walkers, behaviourists, vets, independent pet shops and suppliers) to develop their businesses by being one of our outlets


The 15mm range now includes Bases (sizes 8,10,12), thus making this range either a 2 piece (similar to the 10mm range) or a 3 piece harness. The inclusion of Bases into the 15mm range is to remove the need for the clip and ring to attach the front and girth pieces as these can make lying down uncomfortable for the dog. 



Tri-paws and youngsters

In the 20mm and 40mm ranges, the smallest front (XS for 20mm; S for 40mm) has been designed with no adjustment on the shoulders. This is for 2 reasons


a)    so that puppies wearing that range cannot chew this piece of the harness by dropping their heads down to it and

b)    in the 20mm range, we have found that the XS front (no shoulder adjustment) can suit front leg amputees (tri-paws). In one case, the leg and shoulder (see picture) were removed but still our design was able to fit the dog’s body close enough to give a good snug fit of the chest. To date (2017) no other manufacturer offers this capability. 


When fitting a dog with a Medium Top and a Small Front, and extra degree of freedom that the fitter can use is a Small Top with a Medium Front depending ont eh shape of the dog’s chest and rib cage.