Individual Pieces - Tiny

Individual Pieces - Tiny

Tiny Perfect Fit Harness Pieces

As well as offering complete Perfect Fit Harnesses for very tiny dogs, cats etc, you can also buy each piece separately so that Top pieces can be bought in different colours, or to buy a larger piece if you have a growing puppy.

The Tiny Perfect Fit Harness has 10mm clips and webbing and cannot be assembled with any of the larger ranges of Perfect Fit pieces.

The size label for each part of the harness is sewn on the underneath fleece padding area and "TY - Perfect Fit" label is sewn on the spine of the Top pieces (apart from high vis reflective webbing tops).

Top pieces are labeled ODD NUMBERS (1, 3), Bottom pieces are labeled EVEN NUMBERS (2, 4, 6)

Tiny Tops - Size 1

Tiny Tops - Size 3

Tiny Bottoms

Top & Bottom Pieces of Tiny Perfect Fit Harness