Individual Pieces - 40mm

Individual Pieces - 40mm

40mm Perfect Fit Harness Pieces

A PERFECT FIT HARNESS is constructed from 3 pieces (Top, Front and Girth) which clip together to make a complete harness.

As well as selling complete 40mm Perfect Fit Harnesses, we also offer the option of buying each piece of the harness separately so that customers can -

* Change the colour of the Top piece

Colours of Top pieces in the Perfect Fit Harness

* Buy a new piece of the same size if any part of it is damaged or wears out

* Buy a larger piece if their dog grows

The Top piece has "40 - Perfect Fit" label sewn along the spine

(except High Vis Tops with reflective webbing)

The 40mm Perfect Fit Harness has 40mm clips and webbing and CANNOT be assembled with Tiny, 15mm or 20mm ranges of Perfect Fit pieces.

40mm L Tops

40mm XL Tops

40mm XXL Tops


40mm Fronts

 40mm Girths