15mm - Bases

15mm - Bases

Base Pieces for 15mm Perfect Fit Harness

These are COMBINED FRONT & GIRTH pieces of the smaller front combinations in the 15mm Range. Unlike the XS front, there is no adjustment from front to back - only on the shoulder straps and on the girth.

They have been specifically designed for certain small breeds of ADULT dogs (e.g. large Chihuahuas, Dachshunds, Papillons) and cats. We recommend that these Bases are not used with puppies because it is not cost effective to use a Base with a growing animal - separate front and girth pieces are more appropriate because they can be exchanged as the young animal grows.

See our Breed List for further guidance on which size to order.

Listed below are the three Base pieces in the 15mm Range. They are only available with a D ring and are only made with black fleece and black webbing. The D ring on the Front piece offers the option of attaching a double ended lead to the front of the dog's body in order to offer better control and training opportunities. The front D ring is not designed to take the full weight of a dog and should not be used by itself.

Either a XXS or XS Top Piece is needed to
make a complete 15mm Perfect Fit Harness
Diagram of 15mm Top and Base assembled together
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