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Perfect Fit pieces


* Easy to put on  & take off by using 3 clips - look for the two "V" shapes (one on the Top and one on the Front) and clip "C" around the neck. Swing the rest of the harness between the dog's legs and clip "A" and "B" into position

* Adjustable in 5 places - over shoulders, front of chest and around the girth

* Made from 3 pieces - Top, Front and Girth - which are available in a wide range of sizes to get an exact fit for your dog (or cat, pig, etc). For instance, a Border Collie may have a Perfect Fit Harness made up from a Medium Top, Small Front, and Large Girth - all in the 20mm Range.

* Pieces can be replaced - as your dog grows - if you want a different coloured top - if a piece becomes damaged or chewed (see Indiviual Pieces section)

* Front pieces are available with or without a D ring - for use with a double ended lead for added control.
We offer the option (at no extra cost) of Front Pieces with an extra D ring placed at the centre of the dog's breast bone. This modification offers handlers the option of clipping a double ended lead to not only the top of the harness but also to this front D ring, enabling them to improve the steering of the dog and reduce or prevent pulling. Never have both ends of lead tight as the same time. Most of the time keep the dog's weight on the back D ring, then when he pulls forward relax that end of the lead and turn him with the lead at the front.
The front D ring is not designed to be used on its own - a lead must also be attached at the back.

* Safe for escapologist and front limb amputees- the neck hole can be made smaller than the dog's skull by using a smaller Top Piece and, if needed, also by using a smaller Front Piece. Please contact our office for help and advice on sizing for special needs such as"Houdinis" and front leg amputees.
Here is a video of Vader, a French Bulldog who has only one front leg. It shows how well the 20mm Perfect Fit Harness fits on his body and does not slip or move as he walks on a lead.

* Calming - its snug fit reassures and relaxes many dogs. The wide, soft fleece padding eliminates pressure points, rubbing and friction - allowing dogs to walk calmly & naturally as though walking off lead.

* It is NOT A CAR HARNESS - it has been designed as a WALKING HARNESS, with the correct centre of gravity for walking on a lead. It should not be used as a car harness as it has not been tested under crash conditions.
Click here for a recommended Car Harness which has been properly tested for use in cars.

* Many Vets & Rescue Centres, trainers and behaviourists recommend this harness to their clients -  which was designed by Canine Consultant Sally Hopkins

TOP PIECES ARE AVAILABLE IN 13 COLOURS - Front and Girth pieces are only available in BLACK
Black, Blue, Brown, Emerald Green, Pink, Purple, Red, Sky Blue, Wine, Black Reflective, High Vis Yellow, High Vis Orange and Black fleece with Rainbow Webbing (new Autumn 2015). We also sell matching leads and collars.

Colours of Top pieces in the Perfect Fit Harness

* Our harnesses are machine washable at low temperature - DO NOT TUMBLE DRY


Please watch the video below, which will show you how to measure your dog's girth and how to use the Breed Chart Size Guidelines.

1 - First measure your dog's girth (just behind its front legs) in centimeters
You can convert inches to centimeters here

2 - Next you need to decide which Range (ie. size of clips and webbing) is most suitable for your dog.
There are between 5 and 11 different sized pieces within each range which can be clipped together in lots of different size combinations. It is not possible to clip together pieces from different Ranges because of the different sizes of clips.

Where to measure your dog's girth

Tiny (TY) is only suitable for very tiny dogs and cats.

e.g. - from 4 month old Chihuahua puppies up to medium sized Chihuahuas, under 6 pounds (2.7 kg) in weight

Click here for a video of a Chihuahua being fitted with his Tiny Perfect Fit Harness

Tiny Chihuahua wearing a Tiny Perfect Fit Harness
15mm (15) has bigger stronger clips and is suitable for small dogs and cats.

e.g. - from large Chihuahuas, small Border Terriers up to Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.
Jack Russell Terrier wearing a 15mm Perfect Fit Harness

 20mm (20) is suitable for stronger small dogs, medium sized dogs and slender large dogs.

e.g. - from young Border Collie puppies up to medium sized Greyhounds and fine boned Labradors.

Lurcher wearing a 20mm Perfect Fit Harness
40mm (40) is our strongest and bulkiest range, suitable for very strong dogs, including giant breeds.

e.g. - from strong heavy Staffordshire Bull Terriers, large Labradors, Germans Shepherd Dogs, right up to Newfoundlands and Mastiffs
German Shepherd Dog wearing a 40mm Perfect Fit Harness

3 - Then click on the BREED CHART and look at the Girth charts at the top of the page. Find the Range to suit your dog's needs and then choose the girth piece according to your dog's girth measurement. If you have a choice of two girth sizes in a Range, please choose the larger of the two as it will offer more padding.

4 - Finally, scroll down the Breed Chart for your dog's breed to find the Top Piece and Front Piece that goes with this Girth piece. Click on the suggested combination and it will take you to our web shop so that you can choose the colour of the Top Piece and whether it has a Front D ring or not.

Showing the versatitlty and range of sizes in the Perfect Fit Harness ranges of sizes

If you are unsure what size to order and have watched our How to Order video, please either EMAIL or ring our office - 0044 (0) 1684 569553 with your dog's -

* Girth measurement
* Whether it is a dog or bitch
* Age if under 2 years (so we can allow the most growing room)
* Breed (or description if a mix of breeds) and our staff will be happy to help and advise.

Our office hours are 10.00 to 17.00 GMT, Monday to Friday. We are closed during UK Bank Holidays and between 23 December to the first working day in January.

Once you have received your Perfect Fit Harness, here is a video guide on how to adjust it to fit your dog. It also explains what to do if you find any of the pieces are too small or too big.