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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Will these harnesses stop my dog pulling?

Our harnesses are specifically designed to distribute the weight of the dog evenly over the harness - helping to reduce pulling, rubbing and friction. The feeling of security while wearing a soft and comfortable harness can mean the dog walks more calmly and in balance. This is often sufficient to stop the dog pulling as there are no more choking sensations around the throat or sharp edges rubbing against its skin. In addition, the front piece of a Perfect Fit Dog Harness can be purchased with an extra D-ring (see below)

How do I use the front D-ring on the Perfect Fit Dog Harness?

The front D-ring is designed for use in conjunction with the double ended lead or two leads, attached to both the back and front of your dog to enable greater control and to distribute any pulling force more evenly. This is also extremely useful in helping you to steer the dog away from undesired stimuli. We do NOT recommend the front D-ring to be used on its own.

Can I get a harness fitted in person?

Yes. Please see our local stockist page and our regularly updated Show Diary.

Can my dog over heat in the PerfectFit harness?

In our experience to date, we have had no reports of dogs over-heating  whilst wearing our harness due to minimal body coverage.

Can I use my harness in the car?

Our PerfectFit harness has not been crash tested so we do not recommend using it in the car.

Is it worth getting my puppy fitted?

We recommend fitting puppies in our PerfectFit harness to avoid the vulnerable neck area and allow full front leg and shoulder movement for your puppies developing anatomy. Health, comfort and safety is paramount as your puppy explores the woorld for the first time.

Do you ship worldwide?

We are happy to ship to anywhere in the world - our website has both currency converter for your local currency and a postage quote system which allows you to see the various postage prices available once an item is in your basket.

Are your products machine washable?

Yes, all of our products can be washed at low temperatures. We do NOT recommend tumble drying any of our fleece products.
We use very high quality anti-pil fleece, designed to minimise ‘bobbling’ after washing. Some fleece batches may vary slightly. On exceptionally rare occasions there may be some small dye transfer prior to machine washing.

How can I order?

The easiest way to order is via our website, or call/email our office team.

What happens if I order the wrong size?

We are happy to exchange between sizes, but price differences will apply between ranges. We will also refund any product that is still in saleable condition if the product is unsuitable for your dog.