15mm Perfect Fit Harness

15mm XXS-XXS-XS Perfect Fit Harness

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Suitable for tiny dogs and small cats with a girth measurement of between 32 - 40 centimeters

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15mm XXS-XXS-XS Perfect Fit Harness (32-40cm)
15mm XXS-XXS-XS Perfect Fit Harness

In stock

$47.11 $39.26


    A complete 15mm Perfect Fit harness consisting of a Size XXS Top piece, a Size XXS Front piece, and a Size XS Girth piece, adjustable in three places.

    The Top piece can be ordered in a variety of colours. The Front and Girth pieces are black.

    There is a D-Ring attachment on the Top & Front pieces of this harness. To use these two D-ring attachments correctly please see our FAQ.

    This harness is suitable for small dogs with a Girth measurement between 32-40cm (12.5 - 15.5 inches), such as Chihuahuas, Terriers and small breed dogs.

    Please use our Breed Chart to ensure you are making the correct selection for your dog.

    All of our Perfect Fit harnesses are made in the UK with soft, comfortable high quality fleece padding, stainless steel D-rings, moulded plastic buckles and tough polypropylene webbing.

    We are happy to exchange or refund in accordance with our Terms & Conditions.

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    Colour Black
    Girth Size Range 30-40cm (12-15 inches)
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